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How would you like to wake up 1st thing in the morning with great eyelashes without any makeup smudges and smears?  You can!  With Eyelash Extensions provided by FABULASH EYES. (Go to 'About Us' page to see just why FabuLash Eyes is a better choice for lash extensions than others.) These are Semi-permanent, individually placed eyelash extensions that attach to your own natural eyelash.  You can swim, shower, do sports, wear makeup... you'll have Gorgeous Eyes from the moment you wake up!

My long list of clients include makeup artists, news anchors, attorneys, salon owners, estheticians, hair stylists, NBA wives, NHL wives, and NFL wives... as well as 'stay-at-home' Moms, and ladies that just want to look good 'naturally' without having to use any makeup.  This is a great service for any woman... from the "all natural" to the "makeup everyday" lady!

I am an Expert Advanced Eyelash stylist, Certified and trained by Xtreme Lash®.  Eyelash extensions are all that I do. I am additionally trained in Color Technique, Volumization, Design, and in Repair. To understand what makes FabuLash Eyes 'The Best' in the world of eyelash extensions, there are some important elements to know.  For one, my adhesive I use is Xtreme Lash's very best!  (Only Advanced trained stylists can buy this). Your local 'import nail salon' is NOT using eyelash glue made here in the U.S.  Not only can you see and feel the glue clumps on your lashes, but it becomes brittle and then  will stress and break your own lashes).  You can check out www.XtremeLash.com to see why Hollywood Stars trust and use only Xtreme Lash extensions on their eyes!

I also carry a full line of compatible Xtreme Lash brand makeup and accessories, including mascara (not that you'll need it!), makeup remover items, and the beauty industry award winning Xtreme Glideliner® eyeliner.

Eyelash Extensions are currently the Newest and Hottest Beauty Trend in        BIG demand!!  It's a beauty service 'like no other'!!  You'll  LOVE waking up to beautiful lashes first thing in the morning!!  EVERYONE will notice a difference, but yet it's so natural looking, friends cannot tell 'WHY' you look so refreshed!  

The EXPERTS in Eyelash Extensions! 

         (Because Eyelash Extensions are All we do!)