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Fabu-Lash,Inc. is owned and operated by an
Expert Advanced Trained Xtreme Lash Stylist.

I heard about this new and exciting new trend of Eyelash Extensions a few years ago and wanted to check it out.  After much research, I knew I did not want 'Clusters' or 'Flares'.  I wanted a very natural look that was long lasting, but still with the "Wow!" factor.  So I set off to have a Full Set of 'individually placed' eyelash extensions.  I went on a mission to try and have a Full Set professionally  applied (as in 'Hollywood quality'). I have been to most all of the eyelash stylists in the Detroit Metro area (some were found at really posh salons and spas) and I have concluded that it is very...very...hard to find a good stylist!  (Most do it 'part-time', as they do other services like with hair, facials, and nails). I have been to several lash stylists in the Detroit Metro area, and after a few experiences (and some were really bad experiences), 
I questioned
"Who are the Leaders??" ....
"Where would the Hollywood Stars go?"...
(and most importantly, I wanted to know)
  "What even makes an Eyelash Stylist...Great??"

In 2008, I became a Certified stylist by Xtreme Lash.  Then in January 2011, I received additional training from Xtreme Lash and became "Directory Certified", then in June 2012, I received my training for Advanced Expert Certification.  Eyelash extensions are all I do, and I truly Love what I do!  It absolutely shows in my work!!  I am sincere in wanting your lashes to look Great!  Afterall, when you and your eyelashes are lookin' GREAT, that is my best advertisement!!  Nearly all of my new clients from my ever-growing business have been from other women noticing how fantastic one of my clients' eyelashes look!  That's awesome!!

But the one thing to know in looking for a Lash Stylist is that not all Lash stylists are the same, even us 'Certified' Xtreme Stylists!!!!  You can have different outcomes, even if both were trained and Certified by the same company!!!  I believe eyelash application is "an art" and the outcome of your lashes is reflected in the creativity, knowledge, and care of the lash stylist!

I take personal pride in my work. I am not 'employed' by a Salon or business, (although I have plenty of offers!)  ;)  

Most Xtreme stylists in this Detroit Metro area, are still using only the original "J" curls, which are "straighter with a little curl at the tip".  When I had these applied on me, I still felt this big need to use an eyelash curler when I had these put on me!  It's not 'a given' that a Certified Xtreme Lash Stylist will apply the nicer, curlier lash extensions! With the newer curly lash extensions, you can have awesome curled-up lashes from the moment you wake up


That's the beauty of Eyelash Extensions!! 

You get to 'wake up' to beautiful eyes!! (And to whomever else is looking at YOU!)    

** I use "C-curl Lashes", and the new latest and greatest "D-curl" * lashes. These 'C & D' curly lashes are the ONLY lashes that give you that 'curled-up' lash look.  I have 4 different curl types,  all in 4 different thickness, and ALL in 14 lengths (5mm all thru 19mm long!)  I have more than 80 different lash extensions to choose from to create your own individual look!)  I can accomodate any type of look you want, from a more natural, subtle "Wow!"..... to a more dramatic look by using a longer and thicker extension. I have clients currently wearing the shorter,
thinner extensions #6,7,8's.... to the longest #19.... and everything in between!

I carry 4 different size thicknesses, in 4 different curl types, and all in more than 13 lengths. In addition to all these sizes, curls, and thicknesses, I also carry Faux Mink and REAL Mink lash extensions. 

I can adjust the lash extensions to soften 'wide set' or 'close set' eyes, or add a 'Cat Eye' look to the design.  We can also change it up at each Fill appointment, depending on if you have 'an event such as a wedding, a party, a reunion, an anniversary' or just want some extra 'Wow' for the fun of it!

FabuLash Eyes

Advanced Expert Eylash Stylist