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Baby-Glam Full Set:

A great intro to lash extensions! This is a lighter version of a Glamour Set.. still customized and designed for your eye shape;  (Approx 50+ lashes per eye)  Approx 1hr

Natural Full Set:

A beautiful Full Set of custom lash extensions; Choose from different lengths and thicknesses for the look you want; (70+ lashes/eye). Depending on the look you want, I can create anything from a simple "Wow" with a shorter, thicker extensions.... to a much more dramatic look, using much longer extension. Approx 1.5hrs..

**I carry every size lash extension from Size 5-19! I also carry each size in 4 different curl types, AND each size and curl in all 4 different thicknesses!  This is essential when designing a custom, individual look just for you and your eyes. No other stylist has this much lash inventory!

Glamourous Full Set:

More "Wow" to your eyes, but still  naturally beautiful! Custom designed lengths and thicknesses to what you personally want; (85 lashes per eye) Approx 2hrs

DIVA or "The Bomb" Full Set:

The very best in eyelash extensions!  Custom designed lash extensions that enhance your eyes like nothing else!  You will absolutely LOVE your lashes and will be 'the talk' of any social gathering!  I will apply over 100+ lashes per eye!... It's the ultimate! Approx 2.5-3hrs

Cat Eyes Lashes: 

Lash extensions applied to the outer half of your eyes. This look will open up the eyes by drawing out the outer lashes and enhance a more sultry look.  Totally un-detectable by any of your most observant girlfriends! You can choose to finish the look with some mascara for a completely natural look!


Enjoy a spash of color or go for the gusto of an entire Full Set of color. You can choose from the assortment of color lashes I carry, or allow me to create a design that is best suited to enhance your own eye color and personal style. 

FILLS or Re-fresh Appointments:            

A complete maintenance service of not only adding more lash extensions but also removing any extensions that may have grown out; I will apply as many lashes as it takes in your appointment time to get you back to looking Full and Beautiful again.
Some salons charge "20 lashes/eye" kind of pricing, however each eye can require different attention. It should be called a "Re-fresh" appointment instead of "Fills".  The goal is to completely refresh your full set.

REPAIR/ CLEAN UP from other lash work:

This is a very individualized service as each repair work has different needs;
I will remove any extensions that are twisting or turning, glued together, or improperly replaced which will not harm your own eyelash; Then I will replace the proper sized extension (proper size and weight of extension in both length and thickness) that will look natural and still noticeably flattering, but can allow your own lashes to grow back;


(248) 310-4500